Here are a few words with some of our guests!

You will meet many guests throughout this site enjoying their experiences at Cascina Rosso. Be sure to visit the “Gallery“, too:


Christina, Henry, Rick and Charlie  

Cascina Rosso is perched on top of a hill, with sweeping views of the surrounding farm land, all the way to the Alps in the distance. Covered in wildflowers and so very peaceful, staying here is like going on a nature retreat. By design there is no wifi (though you can go to the sunny piazza in nearby Rocceverano for a coffee and to connect online), which encourages reading, writing, walking, conversation and really winding down. Worked for us! We stayed in the sky blue apartment with our 2 young boys and it was perfect for our needs. It’s a simple, clean space with a fridge and kitchenette and beautiful views from the cute windows. Beyond the practicalities of the accomodation are Judy and Adriano themselves, so many great life stories, I wish we had more time to hear even more about both of their fascinating lives. Judy is a caring, creative and thoughtful woman, who is an inspiration in really living! We really left feeling like we had made new friends. For my 8 year old his time helping Adriano in the organic veggie garden has been the highlight of a month in Italy and both our boys loved Adriano’s sense of humour and playfulness. We loved our stay.

Australian Guests at Cascina Rosso


Denmark and USA at breakfast!


“Another homemade and delicious breakfast at Cascina Rosso under “the red pagoda” with guests from Denmark, Colorado and Florida. A couple of happy and light weeks with great food, discovering the territory, visits to famous cantinas, appreciating local restaurants. It has been a great time. Thank you Judy and Adriano.”

Emely, Simon, Kim, Heidi, Kristian, Celina, Anne-Sofie, Pernille from Denmark with Penelope and Stevee from USA


Our stay with Judy and Adriano was not planned, but from the very first moment we were warmly welcomed. The 5 days we stayed with them were warm, sincere, spiritual and in many ways they are willing to help you.  The pancakes in the morning were so enjoyed by the children and also the dog and 2 cats greeted us every day as if we were living there.  The sunset from the apartment ‘sky blue’ is breathtaking.

Luca, Richard, Marcella, Fiore, Nicole


Dutch Guests at Cascina Rosso


We were looking for a quiet place to relax in nature and we found this beautiful sanctuary surrounded by greenery, between woods and gardens and large grassy terraces, with magnificent views. We fell in love with Judith and Adriano, their sweet little dog Joy, with Abe “the big talking cat” and beautiful Lilly ” the little cat”. They were all so welcoming, full of kindness and pampered us throughout our stay . You must absolutely try Judith’s lemon pound cake and the wonderful cookies as well as the great vegetable sushi and her vegan French Toast that is tasty and “as soft as clouds”…

Chiara, Giorgia and Renato from Turin, Italy


“Dear Judith and Adriano,

Everyday this week has been perfect with you both. Thank you for making the vegan birthday cakes for Silvia and for helping us celebrate our anniversary. From Cascina Rosso, I found a wonderful area to do my running every day and I loved to watch the faces of those goats on the hillside as I ran past them! Cascina Rosso and your beautiful area also gave me perfect opportunities to make my watercolors which will bring us many happy memories when we return to Germany. Until we meet again, thank you for your amazing and delicious vegan breakfasts and for making us feel completely at home!  Big hugs, Andreas and Silvia xoxoxo”

Silvia and Andreas from Germany


Anne-Sofie, Penelope and Stevee

“Dear Judy and Adriano, I’m back in Colorado and Penny is back in Florida. We miss you and the positivity and kindness you bring to everyone you interact with so incredibly much! We don’t know how to express how happy we are that you exist and how grateful we are for your presence in our lives but thank you thank you thank you for everything and our time at Cascina Rosso. Stevee and Penny”

“One of the first things I told my family about our trip were the breakfasts, I meticulously went through every single thing we ever ate and told them about our Cooking Process, including how we would all sing and all dance. Just typing that made me smile. I love the silence and the way you can really feel and see and smell and hear how powerful and beautiful nature is. When Penny and I sat outside and watched the sunsets the sun was so big and the light was so golden and we both were overcome with such awe and positivity. I truly don’t think I will ever forget the conversations and the sights and the feelings I experienced (and the food). And I will definitely never forget Judy, Adriano, Gioia, Lily or Abe. I know you hear this a lot but the sincerity with which I am typing this is as if this is a revelation for me: I have never met people (or animals) like you in my, albeit relatively short, life and I can sense that my way of thinking about and dealing with things have changed.  With Love, Stevee”

Stevee and Penelope from the USA


“This was our third vacation at Cascina Rosso, this time with our children. We love all the open space for them to play. Having all the space that they want and to be completely safe, with no toxic chemicals on the grass because everything is organic, far from traffic and pollution! It is the perfect vacation for us. We will see you next time! Hugs, Federica and Marco xoxo”

Marco, Federica and children from Turin

“Cascina Rosso is located in an enviable position. The view enjoyed from there is extraordinary.”

“We stayed at Cascina Rosso both in summer and in autumn and each time we brought back with us enchanting memories.

Judy and Adriano are beautiful, sunny and extremely competent people. The breakfasts at Cascina Rosso are a real party for the abundance, variety and creativity of the wonderful Judy (the memory of the crepes with the elderberry jam still moves me!). We stayed both in the Sky Blue and in the Lilac apartments. The rooms are furnished with taste, practicality and cleanliness and hygiene are flawless. Inside the apartments you will find only organic products without synthetic substances.

We found ourselves splendidly well under every point of view and Cascina Rosso will always be our little oasis in which to return to recharge our batteries. Thanks Judy & Adriano!”

Valentina and Mario from Genoa, Italy

Bram, Saskia and children

Bram, Saskia and children


“Hello again from Ghent, Belgium. Our entire family had a wonderful time together during our holiday in The Ranch! Our children loved playing in the fields and being away from traffic. It was a special time together for all of us. We are definitely returning!”  

The Bram and Saskia Family from Ghent, Belgium


“We needed to find a place to stay in Italy for a well-needed vacation BUT it was very important that we only stay in a place without Wi-Fi in the apartments or EMF (electromagnetic) pollution on the property. At last we found the perfect place: Cascina Rosso in Piedmont. In fact, it was even better than we hoped. Cascina Rosso provided a space for Jens to continue working as an international consultant using his electronic equipment with a satellite connection. Because I am highly sensitive to Wi-Fi, EMF and cellphones, I was free to enjoy the Cascina and the area and detoxify from any EMF that I might have absorbed during our travels. . 

In addition to this wonderful place with its spectacular views, great breakfasts, lovely hosts and adorable pets, I soon learned that Judy is an expert in a method of Energy Psychology called EFT Tapping. After scheduling a few EFT sessions with Judy, I actually had many benefits in healing my sensitivities to electronics. Many thank you’s to Cascina Rosso for the relaxing and enriching weeks we spent with you 🙂 🙂 !!”

Ditte and Jens from Denmark



“ A magnificent paradise where it is natural for you to find your own lightness and well-being in contact with two fantastic people. Thank you Judith, thank you Adriano!”

Joyful students from Tuscany and the Veneto on a break during their advanced Reiki class days at Cascina Rosso.

Luana, Paola, Barbara, and Nazzario from Tuscany and the Veneto with Master Reiki Teacher Adriano

As a family with two little children, we really enjoyed our stay at Cascina Rosso. We lived in the beautiful house called ‘The Ranch’, which was great for a family. Two charming and spacious bedrooms very close by each other, perfect with small kids. The photos of the ranch are not truly conveying the mood the house gives you, which is a sense of calmness and hospitality and far away from the stress and noise of the modern city life. You can breath there, go for long walks, sit outside at night and just look at the stars.

A wonderful week at Cascina Rosso

Judy and Adriano are lovely hosts, and we had many friendly breakfasts outside with the two of them, Judy cooks the most amazing veggie-breakfast! They made us feel truly welcome, and were eager to tell us about the area and where you could go to get the most out of this fantastic region of Italy. A perfect place to stay for discovering the amazing wines of the Piemonte area, and very close to Asti, Alba and lots of other charming towns. Cascina Rosso even have their own organic wine which we got to try.
We stayed six nights, but did not want to leave at the end, and are for sure returning! Our children fell in love with Cascina Rosso, Judy & Adriano and the two little cats and dog. We all did. 100% recommended!!

Thale Fastvold, Marius Hauge, Cyan and Isabel

Cascina Rosso is Heaven on Earth!

This was our third visit and once more a wonderful peaceful amazing holiday.



Three of us stayed in the newly completed self-contained Ranch and it was delightful. Judy spoilt us rotten with her home cooked vegan breakfasts and Adriano supplied us with very tasty organic vegetables for our suppers – when we weren’t out eating pizza! Easy to forget all the troubles in the world while staying here, true escape. All made even better as they have two beautiful cats and a sweet little dog!

Josephine, Tim and Ann from Norway and England

We always enjoy returning to Cascina Rosso for our holidays.

The Sky Blue Apartment is almost our “second home”. We look forward, very much, to the fresh organic vegetables and fruit from the garden. And,the area is also interesting with its beauty, history, friendly people, restaurants and festivals. See you again next time!

Markus and Sabine.

Markus und Sabine, Switzerland

“Dear Judy and Adriano,

Our recent visit to Cascina Rosso proved to be a wonderful experience. We actually extended our stay by an extra day since we did not want to leave. Because of the mountains, location, view of the snowcapped Alps and easily accessible day trips, we fell in love with your B&B.

Taking the train into Genoa was a real adventure. The breakfasts were authentically Italian and Adriano’s maps and instructions were most helpful for our daily adventures. On days we did not travel, we enjoyed the ranch house, farming operations and the wonderful setting.

Your assistance and information about local places to see was most helpful. We particularly enjoyed Adriano’s suggestions about local restaurants which served the best food in the area at the best prices. We learned about the finest Italian Lasagna 🙂

The view down the valley from your patio is so incredible it leads one to ask ”Do I really have to leave?”.

Thank you! We had a wonderful time and miss you already!!”

Tom and Tina Miami, Florida

“It is always a pleasure to return…”

      Demetra, Valentina, Antonio and Sara

I went back to Roccaverano with my family. I wanted to share with them the positive experience I had a year and a half ago when I went to spend one week, by myself, with Adriano and Judith. Even this time everything was splendid, with the new opening of the “The Ranch” apartment recently restored and kept as close as possible to its original appearance. Great breakfasts on the terrace together with the owners, prepared with love and so much positivity by Judith. The whole farmhouse is immersed in nature and in the total absence of urban noise. We only heard the voices of Mother Nature! In the surrounding area there are both churches and towers to visit, as well as trattorias with delicious and savory local cuisine, at very fair prices. That X-factor is certainly given by Adriano and Judith, who are people who know how to listen and share their knowledge.

Sara and the family

To call Cascina Rosso a good “Bed, Breakfast, and Farm” is like calling Picasso a decent painter, Caruso, an okay singer, or Paris, a nice town.

Dr. Kiya 10 Magical Days at Cascina Rosso

Rather, I stayed in a magical, mystical place where each of my senses was continually bathed in exquisite beauty! As far as the eye could see, there were green rolling hills briefly interrupted by a single terra cotta roof belonging to a far-away neighbor.

I heard only the sound of birds merrily chirping. I tasted fruits and vegetables directly from the earth that were so fresh that my mouth wanted to joyously sing along with the birds.

Wherever I went around the nearby villages, I got to touch walls of rock that were built thousands of years ago. And the smells of grass and flowers unhampered by pollution filled my nose with happiness.

I cannot begin to capture this extraordinary experience in words or photos. I suggest that you find a way to experience Cascina Rosso for yourselves. You will leave there a changed person, not just because of the unsurpassed natural beauty, but also because of the exceptional qualities of the hosts, Judy and Adriano Rosso.

From the moment you meet them until you leave, you are embraced by their love and wisdom and strength of character. Each of them are gifted masters of energy work, gourmet cooks, organic farmers and wise conversationalists.

From them you can learn Reiki or EFT, the rich history of the surrounding areas, and, if you choose, they will gently guide you toward a more peaceful and spiritually abundant life.

If you are simply seeking a break from the rigors of work and the craziness of society, Cascina Rosso is the place to go. And if you decide that you are ready to transform your life at the deepest possible level, Judy and Adriano and the Land and the birds will gently lead you there.

I will never be the same! Please check out Cascina Rosso as a destination for rest, relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation!

Kiya Immergluck
Chicago Illinois

Dr. Kiya from Chicago

“Wonderful Countryside Retreat


Melissa, Bud, Sally and Joe

We traveled to Italy with friends for a month and this was the most gracious and beautiful place we stayed. The views of the valley were breathtaking and relaxing. Our hosts Judy and Adriano included us like family for gourmet organic vegetarian breakfasts from their farm. We enjoyed their history, and had many lively conversations! They have a knack of wrapping their arms around you and making you feel right at home.

Our rooms were separate from the main house, spacious, clean and comfortable.
Each apartment if fully equipped, including gorgeous views! We (Melissa and Bud) stayed in The Sky Blue Apartment and loved it.
It was the same for Sally and Joe who stayed in The Lilac Apartment. We were given directions to sites of interest in the area and even driven to a local sheep farm, where we bought and enjoyed the local cheese!

We loved exploring the small ancient towns nearby, but it was so special to come back to such a beautiful retreat! We walked the grounds with Adriano and he gave us the history of the farm and the stone buildings. We tasted food right from the gardens. Our hosts imparted a relaxing and rejuvenating lifestyle that could also be explored with sessions of Reiki and EFT if you choose.                                                                       

We highly recommend Cascina Rosso and would definitely return. Thank you Judy and Adriano for making our trip to Italy so memorable!!”  

Melissa, Bud, Sally and Joe from the USA



Tristanne and Francesco

 “It’s incredible how easy it is to relax and regenerate yourself when you’re immersed in the silence and nature of Cascina Rosso. Thank you for the exquisite, nutritional and delicious breakfasts and interesting conversations.”

Tristanne and Francesco from Spain and Italy

Barbara and Vanessa Guest Testimonial


“A great stay in peaceful Cascina Rosso with lovely hosts Judy and Adriano and marvelous breakfasts with amazing views while we both learned so much in our advanced EFT class from Judy.  It was a special joy to learn advanced EFT and Energy Psychology healing methods in the midst of your profoundly peaceful, unpolluted, gorgeoius natural environment. Thank you both!”

Barbara and Vanessa

Dale and Jeanne from Vermont, USA


“This is a truly special place: It isn’t fancy, it doesn’t offer gourmet meals, doesn’t even have a swimming pool but what it does have beats all these amenities hands down. It has an unbelievably beautiful location, a chance to be in a place that respects nature, and that has two of the nicest people in the world as owners – Judy and Adriano. This may not sound like much but you will quickly change you mind once you get there, it really is heaven. Dale and Jeanne”

Dale and Jeanne from Vermont



” Dear Judy and Adriano, Thank you so much for everything. It was a truly wonderful holiday with you both. Please say hello to your little critters Gioia, Lilly and Abe. We are back home now in Australia and have with us very special memories of our time with you, your Cascina, the farm, the food and the fabulous area that it is all in. We wish you all the best of everything and certainly hope to see you again. With our love, Christine and Ian”

Ian and Christine from Australia


“Thank you so much, Adriano and Judy! I had a wonderful vacation at Cascina Rosso. I loved the peace, the silence, the breathtaking views, the amazing breakfast celebration you made for me. See you again next time! Talia, Colorado, USA”

Talia from USA



Elke and Susanne

“We spent most of the week of our holiday at The Ranch of Cascina Rosso relaxing under great oak trees, reading, having picnics on the many perfect locations that all have magical views, relaxing from our intensely active lives back home. It was marvelous, we did not want to leave this paradise. Thank you for everything. Vielen Dank!


Elke and Susanne from Germany



Giuliana e Ivano came to stay in The Ranch at Cascina Rosso from their faster-paced life in Milano. As soon as they arrived, they began to  enjoy the fresh air, play with our dog and cats, admire the beauty of the natural surroundings and visit the organic farm and green house where Adriano grows some of the most delicious vegetables, fruit and berries that anyone has ever enjoyed! 

Giuliana and Ivano from Milan, Italy

My beautiful picture

We all stayed at Cascina Rosso before the challenge of our Enduro Motorbike Race. We enjoyed a nourishing breakfast surrounded by peace and nature that gave us just what we needed to have a great race. Thanks again from the Team!

Guest Testimonial from The Beluga Racing Team


(Here we went by train with our guests Max and Bridget from Austria to spend the day together exploring Genoa. Adriano)

“One lucky day, my wife Bridget and I spontaneously decided to travel to Piedmont. Was it by chance or by divine providence that led us to Cascina Rosso? The incredible silence, the energies that spread from this place, the peace and harmony, all of this captivated us from the very first moment there. And we met two extraordinary people there who became close friends to us: Judy and Adriano and, together with them, the wonderful method of EFT Tapping, of Reiki and the natural cultivation of delicious and healthy vegetables.

We often remember, the tremendous sunsets, the exquisite vegetarian breakfasts with organic Robiola goat cheese, fresh raspberries and chestnut honey AND the deep human moments when we exchanged our thoughts and ideas with our hosts. 

On our bike tours, we were immersed into the enchanting atmosphere of the surrounding hills and old villages and churches. Deep impressions have left their mark and we are going to return to this place definitely! With great love for you both, Max and Bridget”

(Note from Judy and Adriano: So far, these dear and fabulous people have returned two additional times to Cascina Rosso. :-))

Max and Bridget from Austria

Merci beaucoup Judy et Adriano.

My family and I had a wonderful week with you at Cascina Rosso and our little boy still talks about you both and the little animals. Our week in your amazing area was much more than we hoped for and as opera singers, my wife and I very much appreciated the freedom from the sounds of traffic and noise. Did we say how delicious the breakfasts were? They were perfect! We will of course see you again. (A note from Judy and Adriano: Daniel and the family did return for another beautiful week together at Cascina Rosso 🙂

Daniel, Hippolyte et Charlotte

Daniel et la famille from Nantes, France

“Gorgeous and Homey

We’ve traveled to 50 countries including 3 times to Italy. At Cascina Rosso we had the best of our of our travel musts. In a fascinating setting, we were welcomed, accommodated and treated like family. We would sit around just chatting with Judy and Adriano, who have amazing life stories. They showed us details of their organic farm, with its several old stone buildings and its crops being loaded for market. They got us to their favorite little trattoria up the mountain, to an ancient stone spa town (still functioning), and treated us to marvelous local cheese in Judy’s above-and-beyond yummy breakfasts. The cascina’s setting is breathtaking: whether from our suite, walking the grounds, or resting on the veranda, we had vast views of the valley and the mountain across from us. Our suite, Sky Blue Apartment, had been newly built into one of the stone buildings across cobblestones from the main house. The suite was spotless, spacious, modern but comfy, and with windows on that view! If we get to Italy again, we’ll definitely be back.”


Gail and Craig

“Merci beaucoup for everything. We wanted to take this cherry tree home with us; instead, we came home from Cascina Rosso more in touch with our dreams and our creativity. See you again soon.”

A word from guests: Bettina et Julian, Francia

“Dear Judy and Adriano,

It was the most wonderful thing meeting you. The energy in you lives was stimulating and exciting. The beauty of Cascina Rosso will be long remembered by Glenda and me.
Thank you again so much!”

Keith and Glenda Miami, Florida USA

“Hello Adriano and Judy,

Thanks so much for everything you did for us. We are very grateful and absolutely enjoyed our stay with you, it was a unique experience and we’re definitely coming back! :)”

(A note from Judy: We are happy to say that Tinja and Sebastian recently returned to Cascina Rosso for another lovely week with us here. They have both become international vegan educators and yoga teachers!)


Sebastian and Tinja from Amsterdam

“Dearest Judy and Adriano, We will both always remember your classes we attended during our vacation with you. Everything was perfect in every way. We’ll see you again soon. Thank you!”

A word from guests: Yasmin e Mamma, Scozia e Londra

After a short train ride with our guests Mike and Angi from Germany (that’s Angi in back of Mike and Adriano), we all spent a great day together at a festival in Genoa.

Mike und Angi from Germany

We took our guests Josephine and Tim from Norway to see the world-famous “Palio” as the horses race through the streets in the city of Asti. After the race, we all enjoyed pizza together.

Josephine and Tim from Norway

“I stumbled across Cascina Rosso while looking for a place to stay just for 2 nights with the family en route to somewhere else, and it turned out to be much more than we expected or anticipated. First, the area in which the farm lies is the gorgeous Piemonte area of Italy, surrounded by hazelnut trees, romantic villages, and vineyards. The farm itself is large, and we were encouraged to explore and enjoy every corner.

Judy and Adriano invest all their passion and love into the farm and you can feel it. Our two kids were immediately drawn into the landscape, loved playing with the three pets (two cats, and a dog) and helped plant onions while I napped. The accommodations are comfortable and clean and you can either cook in your apartment, or do what we did and let Judy send you to traditional family run restaurants for amazing home-cooked Italian food. The vegetarian breakfasts were a highlight, but what we loved the most is that nothing was too much effort for these two hosts – Adriano even spent 3 hours with my husband showing him an organic vineyard in the area. I also enjoyed an amazing Reiki session by the fireplace on my first night, from Adriano and Judy who are both Reiki Masters.

Next time we go back it will be for at least one week, two days was simply too short! Thanks Judy and Adriano for a wonderful experience with you.”

Vanessa, Felix, Saskia and Vincent
Australia, Germany and Switzerland


The grass IS greener at Cascina Rosso. Why? Because we NEVER use chemicals anywhere on our property. You, your children, your loved ones and small pets who might be traveling with you are ALWAYS safe from the danger of toxic chemicals like pesticides and herbicides in the air, our water, our food and even on the grass! We guarantee it.