Do you love clean air?

What is so special about Roccaverano, Cascina Rosso and this corner of Piedmont?
We hope you have noticed that the Summer of 2015 was hotter than usual in Europe, with a persistent high pressure. That also happened in Italy and we have had the same high pressure for an extensive period this Fall and Winter of 2015.

Clean AirWhat does that mean to you? Do you love to vacation in places that make you feel healthy and vibrant?

While big cities and low areas were affected by persistent pollution, at Cascina Rosso in Roccaverano we could see the valleys in the distance filled with smog, pollution, etc. while we were blessed with clean air (people in cities, towns and valleys around here say it best, “A Roccaverano respirate l’aria buona. Fortunati voi! – In Roccaverano you breathe healthy air. Lucky you!”). While we are very unhappy that so much of Italy suffered the effect of pollution, traffic, cement and noise, here at Cascina Rosso in Roccaverano we love that our guests tell us they appreciate the Clean Air, Quality Hospitality, Silence (The New York Times defines Silence as the new luxury), Beautiful Views, Great Restaurants, far away from traffic, great roads for ideal bycicle trips, Vineyards and Cantinas, a slower pace of life.

Do you like what Cascina Rosso and the surrounding area offers you? Would you like to enjoy our Quality Hospitality? Would you like further information about our magnificent area? Please let us know! Enjoy a prosperous 2016, we hope to see you here!

Adriano and Judith


International Alba White Truffle Fair

International Alba White Truffle Fair – October / November

White Truffle FairAmong the many excellences of Piedmont, white truffle is undoubtedly the king of our tables and every year in the months of October and November is organizing the International White Truffle Fair D’Alba with the best products of the territory.orio.

Cascina Rosso is only 50 minutes from Alba, driving thru vineyards, hazelnut groves, historic towns, magnificent vistas. A beautiful experience.

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