Digital Detox is vital to your health if you use a cell phone, computer, tablet or any other type of digital instrument or tool in your professional activity or day-to-day life. People all over the world are realizing that their  productivity is diminishing or even that large portions of their lives are being stolen by their constant attention to incoming messages or likes on their socials.         

From the moment we decided, back in 2004, to offer hospitality immersed in nature, peace, organic products and a wholesome environment, was also the desire to have no WI-FI in guest apartments and no EMF radiation anywhere in our premises. Of course we were criticized for that decision but even back in 2004 there was plenty of research demonstrating that we were on the right track.

Now so much more scientific proof  has come to the surface about the damages that adults and children suffer by being constantly exposed to WI-FI signals, EMFs emitted by radio and cellular towers and anything used to transmit a signal at a certain distance. We did not know that we were, back then, pioneers of what is now a buzz-word: Digital Detox.

Digital Detox means taking a break for a period of time from your computer, all the socials, the toxic habit of checking e-mails on a consistent basis as if you are going to miss something vital. So many people today have the maniacal need to get more and more likes (like someone on drugs) otherwise they feel worthless.

On a Digital Detox you will actually do something radical and, maybe, scary: you’ll be talking with people face to face, you will listen to the sounds of nature not from a screen but because you are in nature, you will appreciate silence and inner peace, you will love the sensation of feeling alive and energized.

All of this is possible here at Cascina Rosso, the location for Quality Hospitality, 12 hectares (30 acres) of clean nature where no weed killer or chemical fertilizers will ever be used, where we lovingly grow organic vegetabes, berries and fruit in sync with the natural rhythm of nature.

We are very aware of the destructive behaviors of being hyper connected. You might want to check out this book by Professor Adam Alter – Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked.  If you have reached the point where it is now a problem and you want to handle it, change your habits, operate from a more constructive and productive mind-set, we can help you with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Reiki treatments and/or Life Coaching offered by professionals here at Cascina Rosso.

We take Digital Detox seriously. Our goal is to help you live in balance. Why is that necessary? Without distractions from the addiction of permanent electronic connectivity you can rediscover your real resourcefulness, the pleasure of working on meaningful projects, the joy of personal relationships, the grounding and relaxation that time spent in natural settings can bring.

Do you need more reasons for a Digital Detox? Here is a video by Dr. Mark Hyman, MD: 

And also, here is an excellent video by a professional Silycon Valley Engineer who suffered mental and physical setbacks due to long hours on computers, e-mails and socials. He acknowledged the problem, did the research and implemented the needed changes: