Do you love truffles and everything truffles?



If you are a guest at Cascina Rosso you can enjoy the pleasure of truffles within a short driving distance from us.

There are many events featuring truffles in many towns in Piedmont. There are truffle fairs in Asti on November 19 and 20 and December 3 and 4; Canelli November 13.

Truffle events in Nizza Monferrato on November 6 and Mombaruzzo on November 20.

In our area truffle hunters (locally called “Trifulau”) and their dogs start roaming our woods around this time of year.

That’s because we are surrounded by lots of hazelnut and oak trees ((younger oak trees, called “Roverelle” is where the truffles are located). In the Fall the search is on for white truffles and in Winter for the black ones.

During Fall and Winter, tourists from around the world gather in the local restaurants to feast on truffles

And after a day of truffles you can return to Cascina Rosso, its peaceful settings, really away from noise and light pollution, where you can soundly sleep and dream of truffles.

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We care for your happiness. Adriano and Judith (check us out on TripAdvisor)