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Your special paradise in Italy – Roccaverano – Piemont since 2006

Cascina Rosso is located in the historic village of Roccaverano, in the heart of the area of Piedmont, Italy known as The Langa Astigiana.

Your accommodations at Cascina Rosso are located on a wonderful farm that is free from toxic chemicals. Freedom from pesticides and herbicides means that everything from the delicious in-season vegetables and fruit you enjoy, to the grass that children play on and even the air you breathe are all free from today’s chemical contamination, just the way nature intended.

Cascina Rosso panorama

Cascina Rosso panorama towards the Alps

So beautiful it feels like magic !

The Village of Roccaverano, ItalyNearby, you will find picturesque villages and hamlets nestled among the hills and valleys. This is an area that offers its visitors the romantic beauty of a well preserved distant past.

At the same time, you are conveniently close to the great towns and cities of northern Italy.

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We speak perfect English and Italian; some Spanish and French.


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Earthquake map of Italy



Some of our guests have asked us about potential earthquakes in our area. As you can see with the arrow over the grey area of La mappa della Protezione Civile Italiana (The map of the Italian Civil Protection), you are safe here because Cascina Rosso is not in an earthquake area. We are all very saddened for those who have suffered from earthquakes and we continue to offer our help.






As you read these pages, you will learn that we are in a magnificent location between the sparkling blue-green waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the cool white of the snow-capped Alps.

Here, you can enjoy peaceful walks in nature, meditate or picnic undisturbed on fields of wildflowers while looking out at the Alps in the distance and marvel at the colors that cover the sky during a Cascina Rosso sunset.


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During the cool summer nights, with the Milky Way above you and stars that seem as big as apples in the unpolluted sky, the gentle harmony of nightingale birds will sing you to sleep

At Cascina Rosso a real luxury vacation with our Quality Hospitality means:

The luxury of large and independent apartments of about 50 square meters, with your own bathroom, linens, towels and all cooking utensils provided;

The luxury of abundant, nutritious, healthy breakfasts prepared fresh, mostly with local products and our organic fruit and berries when in season (peaches, raspberries, gojis, figs, cherries, wild strawberries, cherry tomatoes and more);

The luxury of many choices of private, peaceful, spaces to call your own where you can meditate, curl up with a good book or simply work on your suntan;

The rare luxury of silence and peace all around;

The luxury  of a luxurious natural setting, free from weed killers and pesticides. Children can happily play on the grass;

The luxury of being far away from traffic and noise and pollution;

The luxury of honest hospitality for vegetarians and vegans;

The luxury of feasting your senses on breathtaking panoramic views;

The luxury of your nights free from light pollution;

The luxury of being able to catch a bus, hop on a train or take a short drive to some of the great cities of northern Italy.


From Cascina Rosso, in a short car ride you can visit some of the famous vineyards and wine cantinas celebrated throughout the world.

Cascina Rosso Vino

“Piedmont is, without doubt, the best region for food and wine in Italy.”

– Ingrid K. Williams
The New York Times

In this area known for its excellent wines, we have the pleasure of sponsoring a portion of a nearby biodynamic vineyard.

We are close to many of the areas known for some of the best wines in the world.




Ever since we opened Cascina Rosso we have been offering breakfast choices that are vegetarian, vegan, raw and, naturally cruelty-free.

We are honored to be associated with Veggie Hotels, Vegan OK and the new organizations that are sprouting up in celebration of a cruelty-free way of living. Vegetarian and vegan guests feel at home here.

We have also been honored to receive the “Ospitalità Italiana” award for several years in a row. The awards, presented by the Asti Chamber of Commerce, recognize the personal care and excellence waiting for you at Cascina Rosso 🙂


Ospitalita di qualita

Your hosts (that’s us in the middle) receiving one of our several Quality Awards for Excellence from The Asti Chamber of Commerce.


From the front door of Cascina Rosso in Roccaverano you can experience the joy of the changing seasons: the late autumn fog rolling in during November, a snowy day in February and an April morning in early Spring.


To learn what people are saying about the life-enhancing benefits of Reiki and EFT, available to interested visitors of Cascina Rosso and conducted by leading experts in their fields, click on the links below:





You will meet many guests throughout this site enjoying their experiences at Cascina Rosso. Be sure to visit the “ Guest Book ”, too.
“Dear Judy and Adriano,

The day we left your beautiful property, we began to think about many things…

Nora und Dennis, Germania


Ciao Judy and Adriano!

We’ve come back home with a wonderful memory of our holiday with you…

Eva Lisa e Carlo, Cuneo


Merci beaucoup for everything. We wanted to take this cherry tree home with us; instead, we came home from Cascina Rosso…
Bettina et Julian, Francia


Dear Judy and Adriano,

It was the most wonderful thing meeting you. The energy in you lives was stimulating…

Keith and Glenda Miami, Florida USA