Wonderful Farm Cascina Rosso

Cascina Rosso is in the south of the region of Piedmont, the big orange shape at the top left corner of the map

Cascina Rosso is in the south of the region of Piedmont, the big orange shape at the top left corner of the map

Address: Via Caramello Piandonne, 26, 14050 Roccaverano AT, Italy

Phone: (+39) 0144-93100

E-mail: info@cascinarosso.com

On your GPS you can enter our geographical coordinates:
Lat. North:   44.60783136131722
Long. East:  08.297885656356812
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With these coordinates you can see all the details of our property, on Google Maps. You can see the surrounding area and appreciate our location and get a practical sense on how to arrive here.

From Roccaverano, we are on the road from Roccaverano to San Gerolamo, past the ancient Vengore Tower. Follow the signs that point you to Cascina Rosso.

Enjoy this series of short videos that show you some of the the castles that are waiting for you. According to The Tourist Information Center of Acqui Terme, “These architectural jewels, from different centuries and in different styles, allow visitors to put together their own customized itinerary to help explore these beautiful lands rich in history and culture”.

Roccaverano and the nearby hilltowns are picturesque jewels offering you the timeless romantic beauty of a well preserved distant past.

We are minutes away from the vineyards of Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato, Brachetto and Cortese wines.

In the town of Canelli, you can visit the world famous “Underground Cathedrals”, miles and miles of bottles and casks of wine.

We are less than one hour from Alba, Barbaresco, Barolo and La Morra.

From Cascina Rosso, our guests can also visit historic cities like Milan for its fashion and art and Turin with its famous porticoes, restaurants and museums. We are close to the Riviera and our favorite sea towns like Finalborgo, Finale Ligure, Noli. You can easily take the train from the nearby town of Acqui Terme and arrive in the center of Genova!

If you have seen the popular British film, “The Trip to Italy” with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, you have come to realize that this area is filled with culinary and wine trasures. The initial part of the film is dedicated to Piedmont, “Nowhere in Italy compares with Piedmont for travellers looking for fine wines, gastronomy and beautiful countryside”.

Cascina Rosso On the Milky Way!

Speaking of where we are, we are also located almost directly under The Milky Way! It’s a spectacular view that’s possible because there is no light pollution here.

When you look up at a cloudless night sky, you can easily see the brilliance of The Milky Way along with zillions of stars. In Summer the shooting stars fly past, some with long comet-like tails of either a deep golden color or sometimes bright red.

Because the stars over the Cascina can appear as big as apples, we invested in a Celestron Power Seeker telescope this year, to give our guests a closer look at the moon and planets.


Enjoy some of our romantic sunsets taken from our kitchen window and your apartment!