Ospitalita di qualita

We are the two happy people in the middle receiving the Quality award for outstanding hospitality, presented by the Chamber of Commerce of Asti.

At Cascina Rosso we have created an agriturismo where we grow organic vegetables, fruit and berries for the growing numbers of individuals, families and local restaurants that appreciate the importance of non-chemical, non-pesticide, totally natural, locally-grown nutritious and delicious organic food.
We welcome guests from all over the world who come here, many returning year after year to enjoy the apartments and our peaceful grounds for pure relaxation, to enjoy the unspoiled and uncommercialized culture and history of this area or to add the benefits of receiving the optional energy healing of EFT, Usui, Karuna (R) or Holy Fire Reiki sessions, personalized Life Coaching and/or classes or a combination of everything that we offer.

A personal note:

Adriano and Judy of Cascina Rosso

We wanted to live surrounded by Nature. We wanted to get away from polluted air and water, noise and traffic.

We wanted to work with the land, become more self-sufficient, grow organic vegetables, fruit and berries, while regenerating the soil.

Our dream included sharing such a place and our skills and the natural healing techniques that we have both been practicing for many years.

In our search to realize our dream, we discovered the historic village of Roccaverano. We took the big step of buying a group of semi-abandoned houses surrounded by 12 hectares (30 acres) of breathtaking land.

Our new “baby” is called Cascina Rosso. We got to work restoring the Cascina and have been having the great joy of sharing it with guests who also love our clean and fresh air and water, peace and healing as well as the incredible beauty of a natural environment.

And, at the same time, we have the wonderful oppurtunities of being close to the towns and big cities where, if we choose, we we can enjoy great concerts, theatre, opera and art exhibits.

Roccaverano, by the way, was recently awarded for its high quality of clean air, tested by ARPA Piemonte.


And so, this is who we are. We love our land, our town, festive meals with friends and guests, we love art and art shows and music. We love to share our organic fruits and vegetables, our panoramic vistas and the open skies. See you here for your relaxing vacation.
You wil enjoy our warm and personalized service and our attention to details to ensure that you will have a comfortable stay with us at Cascina Rosso.
We are the ideal vacation facility for those travelers who enjoy peace and tranquillity, with great customer service.

Even though we have updated the look of our website, it still contains the wealth of information that our visitors count on and love. As always, we welcome your comments.

At Cascina Rosso, we love and cherish the simplicity of life. We believe life can be an experience of deep joy and happiness. So, we share with you the profound message of “Happy” with Pharrell Williams. When life seems heavy and complicated, click on this short video and take a few minutes to bring happiness back into your life.

Judith and Adriano Rosso
Directors of Guest Happiness

Sometimes animals and birds arrive at the Cascina in need of help.
Here are some of our “patients”:

At Cascina Rosso we believe that when people are aware of the unhealthy, negative, dangerous actions taking place today on the Earth, healthy and positive changes can be made for the benefit of the planet and all of us for which the Earth is our only home.  It is in the spirit of that awareness that we present the following videos: