From the first moment we purchased this large property which, after major restoration work, became Cascina Rosso and the Quality Hospitality we have offered since 2006, it was very clear that water in this area is a vital resource: for the farmers who produce the wonderful cheese known as Robiola, the fact that swimming pools require chemicals to stay clean, that a pool’s water is sometimes reused for several years.


Swimming Pool, Acqui Terme

Many guests of Cascina Rosso have enjoyed the absence of a swimming pool, the smell of chemicals, the joy of appreciating the silence of nature in its purest state. Above all we strive to maintain our property just like it was back in the past: the feeling of a rural place, restored with the same old Langa stones, the luxury of enjoying silence while immersed in nature, catching up with necessary reading and reflections, the opportunity to recharge and enhance your life.

We prefer to store the water of our clean and tested springs for the use of our guests and to water our delicious organic vegetables, fruit and berries. We consider any other use as a waste of a valuable resource.

When our guests, especially families with children ask to spend a day at a pool or by the sea, we contact the pool facility in Monastero Bormida(15 minutes from the Cascina) or the large pool complex in Acqui Terme (30 minutes from Cascina Rosso). They enjoy both facilities because there are lots of other families, plenty of space, snacks and fun. And they have professional lifeguards on staff all the time.

We are happy to make reservations at the local pools for our guests.

For an excursion to the Ligurian Riviera, we recommend Noli, Varigotti and Finale Ligure: great sea towns, public beaches, various choices, clean waters, history, wonderful restaurants. We provide details of ideal spots, according to our your preferences.